Heather Silverman is a documentary Executive Producer and Director focused on social responsibility, inclusion and mindfulness.

She also works directly with filmmakers providing a wide range of editorial support, series structure, and story and character development to produce the highest quality content.

Heather is also co-author and co-creator of Forever SoulSisters. Forever SoulSisters is a middle grade fantasy fiction book series designed to promote positive thinking, self-esteem building and inner strength for pre-teens ages 8-12.

Documentary Work

Forever SoulSisters

Forever SoulSisters is a middle grade fantasy fiction series consisting of seven books. The series centers around fraternal twin sisters, Alexa and Jaycee as they experience the trials and tribulations of pre-teen development.

The FSS series is designed to take readers on an imaginative journey filled with vibrant colors and galactic travel while being a resource to promote positive thinking, awareness and inner strength.

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